Jun 15, 2023
Andre" A McDonald - Owner of Embellish Events

They're the owners of 2 beautiful venue spaces, Precious Moments Banquet Hall located in Berlin, NJ and now Embellish Events located in Blackwood, NJ. 
This journey has been an amazing experience for the dynamic duo. Working around the clock to ensure each event entrusted to the McDonalds is smooth and executed well! O'Mar & Andre'A have always gone above and beyond to put smiles on everyone's face. Embellish has been a prayer manifested into reality, with 6,000 square feet in space, they can now accommodate 3 times the occupancy size of their other event space Precious Moments. The McDonalds desire to "Bridge the gap" mindset did not come out of the thin air, they knew there had to be another option for persons seeking to get married in a large modern and elegant space, and not pay a "per person price tag". At Embellish we provide the space and ambiance; you select your own caterer based on your taste buds.

Embellish is every girl's dream come true!  With a total of 23 chandeliers adorning the beautiful space. Bridal suite, 4 restrooms and a lounge for you to relax a little.