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The Dictionary Project

Our Dictionary Project is underway!! Every year, we provide dictionaries to our local 3rd Graders to assist with improving communication skills and helping them make the most of their education. 
The Dictionary Project is a charitable organization based in Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A., and was founded by Mary French in 1995 to provide personal copies of a dictionary for third grade students in the South Carolina public school system. It has grown into a national organization. To date, over 30 million dictionaries have been donated to children in the United States and internationally. It is funded through individual donations and by sponsors who implement the program in their local schools.
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 Our Club and Berkshire Hathaway are partnering to help our homeless and foster children get a great start to school this year!!

Every year, tens of thousands of kids in our region face their first day of school without a new backpack, school supplies, or proper clothing. Please Help Cradles to Crayons reach their 2019 goal of preparing 30,000 children to start the year on the right foot by hosting a Ready for School collection!   
Mission Accomplished!!
Thank you to our Club, Berkshire Hathaway & Target Stores!!
56 Backpacks Completed for Foster And Homeless Kids in our Area!! 
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Thank you 
On Thursday, July 4th the Township hosted their annual
4th of July Parade and Fireworks Spectacular! 
Our Local Businesses & Community Organizations presented a spectacular Cavalcade
Including our Club with an amazing Float and Music by Paul Dilks!
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Posted by Phyllis Palo on Aug 24, 2018
  The Rotary Club  Washington Township has agreed to help do its part in assisting with this crisis!  We have partnered with The Bordentown Rotary Club to  help:
Educate the Public
 Breakdown the  Addiction Stigma
Help Augment What are Currently Deficient Treatment Services /Facilities/ Approaches!!                      
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We connect passionate people with diverse perspectives to exchange ideas, forge lifelong friendships, and, above all, take action to change the world.



Together, we apply our professional experience and personal commitment to tackle our communities’ most persistent problems, finding new, effective ways to enhance health, stability, and prosperity across the globe.



Rotary members look for opportunities to improve our communities today and invest in the next generation for tomorrow.



We collaborate with community leaders who want to get to work on projects that have a real, lasting impact on people’s lives.

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Posted on Jul 03, 2018
Washington Township Rotary Club and Berkshire Hathaway Realtors, Turnersville,  has partnered together and adopted the Pfc. Angelo Giacobbe Memorial Site on Ganttown Road. This project was made possible because of a generous grant awarded by the Rotary District.  The plaque signage has been mounted on the benches, and the final phase, landscaping, will be completed in the fall.  Rotarians will then come together with Berkshire Hathaway Realtors on Berkshire Hathaway's Community Service Day, Thursday, October 4th for the formal dedication. 
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Posted by Randy Carbone on Mar 13, 2013
Slogan: At this time, none whatsoever! It used to be "The Garden State," but with large-scale industrialization and housing developments going up all over the state, the slogan raises questions with out-of-staters. When newly elected Governor Corzine sponsored a contest for a new state slogan in 2005. The announced winner was "New Jersey, Come See For Yourself!" (The preferred entry from my sources is: "I'm From New Jersey; Ya Gotta Problem Widdat?"). There was little enthusiasm for the winning entry, so a professional advertising firm has been asked to come up with a slogan.
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Posted by Randy Carbone on Feb 20, 2013

New Jersey Trivia for the week:


  • NJ is a peninsula 
  • NJ is the only state in which all counties are classified as metropolitan areas 
  • NJ has the most diverse ecosystem of any state: mountains, seashore, farmland, forests and wetlands. 
  • NJ is 11th in population (8.9 million people in 2012) 
  • NJ is 46th in size with 8,224 square miles (166 miles top to bottom, 57 miles across) 
  • NJ has the highest population density in the US (1,189 people/sq. mile), more densely populated than most of the world's nations
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Posted by Susan Freiberg on Nov 17, 2009
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Posted by Susan Freiberg on Mar 04, 2009
Here you can post little tidbits of information, reminders, or anything else!
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Princeton was the nation's capital in 1783 and Trenton was the nation's capital in 1784 even though the state didn't ratify the constitution until December 18, 1787 and there was no President until April 30, 1789.

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There were 13 students here from Boston College over their spring break to work on putting a roof on a house for Habitats for Humanity. Talk about service above self!Image

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Our speaker is a woman of many talents. Jan Giel is in her ninth year as the Student Registration, Data and Information Manager for the Washington Township Public Schools. In this capacity Jan oversees a staff of five and coordinates all the public relations efforts of the school district. She is responsible for the writing and dissemination of all press releases, photographs and publications and serves as the point person for all print and electronic media requests. She oversees all the programming on WT-TV a community cable station for which she and her staff produce weekly programming highlighting the achievements of the district’s students and staff. In addition to her public relations efforts Jan also oversees the central registration office, handles the placement of homeless, foster care and charter school students and serves as the district’s homeless liaison. She is responsible for resolving district residency and truancy issue.
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Chris Waldron, our speaker today, spoke to us last fall as you will recall. He was employed by the Philadelphia Zoo as a Zookeeper, Curator of Carnivores and Primates and Director of Sustainability. His degree from Penn State is in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. Chris is also an instructor at the Animal Behavior Institute an online accredited program for those seeking a career in Animal Husbandry. His topic today is moving large animals.

The old way they used to move large animals was to dart them, but the problem with that was the animals would get stressed out and with their adrenalin so high it would take a ton of drugs to knock them out. So they try to do it in a voluntary manner by training them with treats to come close and lay on a scale and then they draw blood from their tails and this is all done while the animal is relaxed. If they did need to sedate them it was much easier to do while the animal is in a relaxed state.

Some of the animals needed to be transferred to other zoos while the Philadelphia zoo was being overhauled. They needed to check them out for diseases before they ship them to other zoos. All of the training they did allowed them to easily get the animals into crates and move them in and out of the exhibits whenever they needed to.




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